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Dorji Tshoden
Director of Marketing

Dorji Tshoden attended boarding school in India. After high school, she went to the United States to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from Chapman University.

Growing up, social work has always played a big role in her life. She worked as a volunteer at The Draktsho Vocational Training for Special Needs Children and Youth in Bhutan. In high school she was part of the Rahat team that worked to raise funds for the people affected by the devastating floods in Uttrakhand, India. During her time in New York she worked as a peer mentor for refugee children to get them affiliated with the public education system, and worked to raise funds for Amnesty International. In Thailand she worked as an intern at the United Nations Environmental Policy.

The opportunity to go abroad for her education sparked a lifelong passion for travel and initiated a deep interest and appreciation for cultures both her own, and that of the rest of the world. Now, she utilizes her experiences from having lived overseas, as well as having trekked and toured extensively in Bhutan, to help people plan their vacations to Bhutan. Dorji is our Director of Marketing & Promotions.