Jamyang Choda is our Director of Finance and has been with Yangphel for over 16 years. He initially worked at Zhiwa Ling Heritage Hotel under various roles including the role of a front office manager, guest relations manager and head of finance before getting transferred to the corporate office - Yangphel Private Limited in Thimphu.

A diehard fan of Liverpool FC, Jamyang believes in loyalty and dedication to work for long term success. No tasks are viewed as work but as an opportunity to learn. His upbringing in remote part of central Bhutan, Trongsa, and his entire time experience in boarding school has taught him the hardships and struggle to stand for oneself.

His says the passion and experience with fly fishing has been an act of rediscovering of self, the training of the mind, body and appreciating life. A sportsman from his childhood days, Jamyang enjoys archery, basketball, football and mountain biking. Happily married with two daughters, Jamyang is a family oriented man. He graduated from SRCC, University of Delhi in India.