Pioneers in Bhutan tourism
We take deep pride in our track record. Learn more about our company and our team that serve you.

Why Yangphel

We have been in business since 1988. We are the pioneers in handling your travel arrangements in Bhutan be it tours or trekking. You are assured of the finest service available in the Kingdom. Whether you work with our Thimphu Bhutan office directly or through our trusted partners abroad, we are passionate about travel and are committed to making your stay in Bhutan as special as possible. We see our role as being both guide and host, combining our local knowledge and insight with the highest standards of service before, during and after your trip.

Through our close association with travel industry leaders we have rapidly become one of Bhutan's leading tour operators. This success has been built upon a growing reputation for consistently delivering our clients the best. We see our role as being a trusted intermediary. It is our responsibility both to ensure that our guests receive optimal enjoyment from their stay in Bhutan, and that this is achieved in a way that is sympathetic to our Bhutanese customs and traditions.

In an unassuming way we try to encourage common meeting grounds, bringing together individuals from very different backgrounds in a positive spirit of mutual respect and understanding. In our experience such exchanges invariably tend to generate unexpected rewards and lasting memories.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Core Values
What do we believe in?

Teamwork, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation, Sustainability.

Why do we exist?

To be the most innovative Bhutanese company committed to excellence and delivering authentic services with personal touch.

Where do we go to?

Leading the way to happiness through world-class services and our commitment to Bhutanese values.

Quality Benchmarks

A visit to Bhutan promises a special and unique experience. Our role is to ensure that our guests can witness the country's many fascinations and charms without being distracted by unnecessary hitches or avoidable discomforts. You can be confident that with Yangphel you receive the highest quality service in the industry. We aim at excellence in each aspect of your trip, in both the fundamentals and the small details. These various elements then come together to create a superior overall package.

Trip Management

  • Staff Quality

    Our personnel are some of the most highly qualified and experienced in the industry. We reward better than our competitors. Each member has had a broad-based training, which allows the performance of multiple roles and has improved all round understanding. A depth of experience is especially important in developing an open-minded attitude towards many different nationalities and when handling difficult situations and emergencies.

  • Superior execution

    Our know-how and infrastructure, together with a network of long-standing relationships within the industry, help us ensure that each trip is implemented to the best achievable standards. A high staff to client ratio improves overall service and provides invaluable flexibility in case of emergencies. From the time of your departure to your return our management will be there as backup, to follow up any queries and offer any necessary assistance.

  • Meticulous preparation

    The foundation for a successful trip lies in the choice of the most appropriate itinerary. We are continually improving our local knowledge and scouting out new tourism possibilities. Our service starts from the moment you contact us, and we are always on hand to listen to your individual needs, answer your questions and make informed suggestions.

  • Listening and learning

    The satisfaction of our clients is very important to us. Our senior management meets with each guest, to resolve any concerns and gain valuable feedback. These dynamic interactions help us to continually improve our service, as new lessons are learned and ideas developed.

Food & Accommodation

  • Best available services

    In many parts of the country food and accommodation arrangements are relatively basic. We aim to provide our clients with the best in each location. This is assessed through a combination of the Department of Tourism's hotel, lodge and guesthouse grading and our own experience. Individual hotel details are available on request.

  • Priority reservations

    In the most popular destinations at peak season there almost always room shortages. Our network of excellent working relationships generally enables us to get our clients bookings at the more comfortable hotels. To better guarantee this, we are also in the process of expanding our own accommodation infrastructure.

  • Camping comfort

    Our campsites are the best in the industry. The equipment we now use has been proven to be the most suited to particular Bhutanese conditions. For high-altitude treks we favor Marmot tents and accessories. For more gentle tour camping we have had tents custom-made to provide greater comfort and space.

  • Improved food on trek

    Although practicality dictates that food during treks is fairly simple, it should be as appetizing as possible. Our cooks have recently undergone extra training, and the improvement in food quality and variety has been well received by our clients.

Transport & Equipment

  • High vehicle standards

    Japanese vehicles have come to be regarded as the most appropriate for Bhutanese conditions. We have a significant fleet of vehicles and only provide our clients with the vehicles of a high quality. For larger groups we use Toyota Coaster buses, specially modified for more legroom and comfort. For smaller groups we use Toyota Landcruisers, or other Toyota/Nissan cars. Toyota Hiluxes are used for fishing and other off-road pursuits.

  • Safety and reliability

    All our vehicles are under ten years old and are approved by the Department of Tourism. They are given a general mechanical checkup between each tour, conform to emission standards and are put through a thorough annual fitness test to qualify for comprehensive insurance. Our drivers are experienced and are personally responsible for the cleanliness and maintenance of their vehicles. In the extremely rare event of a breakdown, there is always a backup plan in place.

  • Comprehensive trekking equipment package

    In the interests of comfort and safety we provide a wide selection of trekking equipment. This includes tents and mattresses, tables and chairs, lanterns, walkie-talkies, medical kits and altitude sickness bags. All our equipment is of the highest standard.