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Magical memories, Bespoke experiences

We are the pioneers in handling your travel arrangements in Bhutan. You are assured of the finest service available in the Kingdom with us.

Whether you work with our Thimphu, Bhutan office directly or through our trusted partners abroad, we are passionate about travel and are committed to making your stay in Bhutan as special as possible.

Tailor Made Journeys

Yangphel designs itineraries for our clients that others simply cannot, whether around a theme or a private experience. Our team of highly experienced consultants listen, understand and then create a tailor-made journey for you. We believe that travel should not only enrich your perception, understanding, and appreciation of the World, but that it should also allow you to support the local communities you visit. We enable you to explore with purpose, enthusiasm, and a new-found appreciation for the art of travel. Experience diverse cultures; immerse yourself in authentic experiences; take back the moment and reconnect with a joyous attitude towards life.

What people are saying about us

Our clients love us! Here's what a few of them have to say about their visit to Bhutan with Yangphel.

Myra Lewis
United Kingdom

As the sticker on the back of my car says I LOVE BHUTAN so much so that Iʼve been visiting the country and my friends at Yangphel, annually, for the past 9 years. Bhutan has become my 2nd home and the team at Yangphel have become my extended family. I have travelled and trekked the length and breadth of the country either alone (although you never feel alone in Bhutan), with family or with friends and each visit has been as memorable and as wonderful as the last. I feel so reassured that whenever I travel and trek with Yangphel I am being supported by one of the oldest, most respected and professional trekking companies throughout Bhutan. All the Guides at Yangphel are extremely professional, caring and highly trained full of knowledge, enthusiasm and good humour. These guides have taught me more about Bhutan the country and the people than I could ever read from a book. The 3 Guides who have accompanied me during my past visits have all become firm friends and we now share some amazing experiences and happy memories together. It is always a great joy for me to arrive at Paro Airport to see a familiar smiling face waiting to greet me. The Trekking Crews have also become a major part of my visits to Bhutan so much so that I feel I am trekking with a little troupe of friends. They all make sure that camp is always ready after a hard days trek and it always astonishes me how they can cook such amazing meals with such limited resources. As I prefer to plan my trips independently the wonderful team at the Yangphel office work out the logistics of my planned adventures and they organize everything to perfection to make sure that my trips run smoothly. No trip to Bhutan would be complete without a few days stay at the Zhiwaling Hotel in Paro. This is Yangphel's very own wonderful luxurious Zhiwaling Heritage hotel the very best place to stay after trekking and camping in the mountains with a guarantee of a warm welcome from old friends in beautiful surroundings and superb facilities. Soon I shall be planning my next trip to Bhutan my 11th and the thought of stepping off the Drukair flight to see my Yangphel friends waiting to greet me with a Kuzuzambo la already fills my heart and my spirit with joy! Thank you all my wonderful friends at Yangphel but Iʼm especially indebted to Karma Choden and Karma Lotey who have made it possible for me to experience some of the best moments of my life in beautiful Bhutan.   



How can I describe my Wandering the World tour to Bhutan? Before I left, I was in anticipation of a wonderful trip with the promise of amazing mountain scenery, fascinating Buddhist culture, an invigorating trek through the stunning forests of central Bhutan and visiting remote villages. Marketed as the last Shrangri-la and famous for the idealism of Gross National Happiness, Bhutan had a lot to live up to. And now back home, I am left with so many emotional and spiritual memories that, thankfully still refuse to disappear. Golden Box moments galore, such as listening to guide Jigme singing haunting folk songs from the front of our minibus as we meandered the winding roads on our journey. And guide Kesang, sharing Buddhist legend and folk tales creating a colourful patchwork of the tiny nation who love their King, respect their government and live life with simplicity, honour, and respect for others. Our trekking days concluded in marvellous evenings which started with the Ara ceremony, culminating in the rhythmic singing of ancient songs and dancing with our village hosts. Simultaneously grinning and tearing up as the emotion of the moment became infused in my whole body. A team of guides and helpers made sure that every minute detail was seamlessly taken care of, right down to a hot cup of tea - referred to as bed tea - on waking each morning and our evening hot water bottles around the open fire. Our gorgeous guides cared for us, and cared about us. They are perfect examples of Gross National Happiness in Shrangri-la. Thank-you Jane and Glenyce for making my dream trip one to top all others! Grace travelled to Bhutan with wonderingtheworld.com.au and Yangphel Adventure Travel

Peter Deeks

The Deeks family had a wonderful week exploring Bhutan with Yangphel this spring. The trip was well organized and it represented an unusual opportunity to experience geography, religion and culture very different from our own. You played a key role in the enjoyment of our journey by being incredibly flexible, looking after all our needs and by tailoring the trip to meet our interests. You worked tirelessly on our behalf to find items we wanted to bring home and in researching special local events that were not on the scheduled itinerary. Winning a darts game at the school fete, joining the pilgrims for butter tea at the retreat in Thimphu, dining at your home and sitting with the director at teachers' day at the college were experiences we will never forget. We highly recommend you and your company to other prospective Bhutan visitors.

Mary Ann Polard
Illinois, USA

Our guide from Yangphel welcomed us through his steady & inviting personality. He is intelligent and was to give talks about the life in Bhutan, religion - a monks life and as a group we talked openly in discussions. He was alert, organized and very aware. Our driver was excellent and we felt safe with him. He has a comfortable personality. The Bhutan country side is beautiful from the terraced farm fields, mustard and green to the greenery of the mountains. The warmth of the people who live here, their beautiful patterned dresses. I enjoyed the paintings on the houses. I thought the drive from Paro to Thimphu was breathtaking. I enjoyed the hikes through the countryside and a trek to a temple ceremony. Punakha was a great festival filled with color and costumes. I enjoyed the dinner with business people in Thimphu that the company organized. We enjoyed the dances in Paro and the dances by the Paro women.

Diane Stillman
Livingston Montana, USA

The guide was very well informed. His ability to spontaneously tell a good tale kept us amused. Staff was always very helpful and worked hard to make us comfortable in all locations. The beauty, scenery and the people were all wonderful. The food for the most part was very good, especially enjoyed the fiddle head ferns and local dishes. It was really fascinating to stay in a country home and experience what life is like for a regular Bhutan family. Yangphel organized a fabulous trip for us and will recommend our freinds & family to contact you.

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We are the pioneers in handling your travel arrangements in Bhutan. You are assured of the finest service available in the Kingdom with us.

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